How To Manage Anxiety

I once heard an analogy about mental health, and it’s always stuck with me. Imagine yourself as a clock. I know, a bit weird. For a person with anxiety, the time is always 10 to the hour. Their brain is in the future, always worrying about what’s ahead. They spend…

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How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Let’s face it, Paris is a pretty expensive place. Since it’s my 4th visit to Paris, I think I’d had my fair share of staying in a bougee hotel in the centre and since I’m not currently working, I tried to save as much as possible on this trip! Here’s…

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More than Just A Number

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my periods of silence on Instagram, my lack of blog posts – but inspiration has been running dry for the past few months. I’ve been feeling a little lost amidst all the noise of the blogging world. It’s not just that I’ve been lacking…

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How to Overcome Trauma

A few months ago, something pretty traumatic happened to me. I’ve been a little silent on my blog and on Instagram since, but here isn’t the place for me to go in to details – instead, to offer support to those suffering the same. I’m sure almost all of us…

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