I came up for the name for this website partially from hours of brainstorming, partially ’cause it’s catchy, but also partially ’cause it describes the current state of fashion so well. Fashion is a blur. Trends come and go so quickly that it’s often hard to keep up. Fashion is one of the most fast-paced industries around, there’s no denying that. So I created this page to keep myself updated (my own life also being a bit of a whirlwind), to express my love of fashion, and to reach out to other like-minded people. Being a student living in London, with two loves in this life – fashion, and writing – I thought to myself, why not do something which combines the two? Feel free to contact me on any of the social media links displayed in my Header. My contact email is: nina-anna@hotmail.co.uk. I welcome all comments, good and bad!


Nina x

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