I’ve been thinking a lot recently about friendship. What does it really mean? When I was younger, I used to eagerly surround myself with the brightest, most interesting people in the room. The ones that seemed ‘cool’ and like they had it all together. We’d become fast friends, and all…

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How To Manage Anxiety

I once heard an analogy about mental health, and it’s always stuck with me. Imagine yourself as a clock. I know, a bit weird. For a person with anxiety, the time is always 10 to the hour. Their brain is in the future, always worrying about what’s ahead. They spend…

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How to Overcome Trauma

A few months ago, something pretty traumatic happened to me. I’ve been a little silent on my blog and on Instagram since, but here isn’t the place for me to go in to details – instead, to offer support to those suffering the same. I’m sure almost all of us…

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