Barcelona Travel Diary…

So I meant to upload these pics a while ago - they're from my trip to (not-so-sunny) Barcelona a few weeks ago. Not gonna lie, I packed all of my shorts, sandals and bardot tops and ended up having to buy trainers and jumpers. Nonetheless, though, it's an absolutely beautiful city, and well worth the visit. I absolutely love Gaudi architecture and his work in Barcelona is some of the most unique in the world - unlike anything I've ever seen before! Exploring the city...  IMG_0629

The town hall

IMG_0637   The streets are so gorgeous. The old town is the prettiest part, with such a medieval, small-town feel to it. IMG_0799 IMG_0985

Montjuic Park & Castle


The palm trees, wide roads and hills give it such an LA vibe!


A gorgeous street in the Poble Español (Spanish Village) attraction

IMG_1157     Barcelona Cathedral... IMG_0736IMG_0702IMG_0678IMG_0672

View from the roof of the Cathedral!

  Gaudi Architecture... La Sagrada Familia is the most amazing cathedral I've ever seen! Walking inside it, you wouldn't even think it was a cathedral, it's so modern, and everything is made of grey stone. I'm not religious, but I still appreciate the gorgeous architecture of lots of places of worship. The only thing reminiscent of traditional cathedrals in the Sagrada Familia, though, were the stained glass windows. But this doesn't detract from its beauty - its uniqueness is what draws so many visitors in each year.

La Sagrada Familia was under construction so couldn't get a very good photo, but oh well...


The work on the outside is so intricate!


On the roof of Casa Battló


Archways inside Casa Battló

IMG_0808     National Art Museum of Catalunya... IMG_1115

View from the top...


A Picasso piece

  And finally, me in the park outside the Sagrada Familia... IMG_0951 Outfit details: Jumper: Zara Skirt: Mango (similar) Suede jacket: vintage Topshop.   Love, Nina x

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