This is my first time doing a ‘five favourites’ post (I think…). I usually stick to lifestyle posts these days, but as fashion is one of my passions, I decided to start publishing more fashion-specific posts. And I genuinely feel like I need to address my obsession with coats… seriously,…

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How to Pull Off Any Outfit You Choose

I’ve written before about personal style and how I love to experiment and mix it up. To me, always dressing in the same style would get boring and predictable. Differering styles means that I sometimes add unexpected touches to an outfit, like biker boots with a girly mini dress, as you’ve probably…

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In Defence of Not Being Perfect

As a blogger, there is a LOT of pressure put on us to have a clear ‘look’, an image. The reality is that the blogging and social media market is so saturated that the need to stand out feels greater than ever – and so does that elusive, never-ending quest…

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