When I sat down to write my usual post about a topical issue in the fashion or blogging worlds, it felt empty. It felt wrong to be writing about that at a time when peoples’ lives were being ripped apart. Before, for me it had all felt terribly distant: from Paris to St…

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How to Compartmentalise Your Life

So many of us live a ridiculously busy life these days, having to juggle multiple responsibilities. For me personally, the past few months I have managed university work, my weekend job at Selfridges and maintained this blog, which has been no easy task. I used to find it very difficult to manage multiple responsibilities,…

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The Meaning of Happiness

Happiness is something we all aspire to. From inspirational Instagram quotes to self-help seminars to fitness classes for endorphins, the notion of being happy is all around us. I must have spent £1000s on clothes trying to fit in with the crowds around me, on dates trying to find “the…

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