It’s Okay To Spend A Little

Recently I’ve learned that, once in a while, it’s okay to spend a little – or a lot. So long as you know your own limits, that is. I recently invested in a Givenchy Antigona bag (even with staff discount, it’s pretty expensive) which was something I had been considering doing for a long time. However, the family I’ve grown up in are careful with money. More importantly, they’ve always seen spending money that could pay for a holiday on a bag as being against their morals. Yes, for what it is, it’s overpriced. Everyone knows that about designer labels. Everyone knows that, yes, while the quality is better than on the high street, you mostly pay for the name.

But, really, the one thing I would always recommend splurging on is designer handbags, purely because they will last you for years. They are the perfect compliment to any outfit. They pull a designer look together, and make a high street look that much more unique.

Before, I’d always told myself “No, Nina, you can’t afford it.” That’s how I was brought up; so that’s the way I had always thought. But, this year, I got a well-paying job to earn extra money (shoutout to Selfridges). The bag paid for itself in a single paycheck.  I worked hard to earn this – it’s not easy to be at university full time, work weekends, and run a blog – so I decided I deserved to treat myself.

All that has happened now, instead of the massive catastrophe I’d imagined, is that I am cutting back on other spending sources in my life to make up for it. But that’s okay; I’m happy to. It’s worth it for an investment that will be an asset in my career in fashion, and in my life. So the truth is, I could afford it. And, whatever it is you’re pining over, you can too – if you’re willing to make the right sacrifices for it. So, it’s okay to spend a little – promise.


I finally shot a casual outfit! Everything may look very glamorous on my blog but this is basically what I wear day-to-day: skinny jeans, a casual jumper, and my favourite Zara jacket (and now my Givenchy!). I’m a big believer in striking a balance between glamour and realism on my blog. I think it’s so important not to get so carried away with glamour that you lose sight of your own style.


it's okay to spend a little

Collaboration with Coach

Also, those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I have been working with Coach recently to show off their new Dinky crossbody bag, which is part of their Spring ’17 range! It’s a mini size but still perfect to hold all my essentials, and the crossbody strap just means it’s so convenient for everyday. It comes in a variety of colours but I love the burgundy of this one – I just find it goes with almost anything. And the quality of leather – as is always the case with Coach – is just exceptional.

In terms of collaborations, I don’t advertise on my blog/Instagram unless it’s a product, or brand I genuinely love. This was one of those (somewhat rare) times! I am thrilled to have worked with such a great brand, and this has been an amazing milestone in my blogging adventure.



it's okay to spend a little

it's okay to spend a little

it's okay to spend a little

it's okay to spend a little

it's okay to spend a little

Shop This Look…

Jacket: Zara

Top: Brandy Melville

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Zara

Watch: Abbott Lyon

Necklace: Tiffany & Co

Grey handbag: Givenchy

Burgundy crossbody: Coach



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  1. March 16, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    That Jacket is so fun! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a cute leather jacket!

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