Summer 2017 ‘It’ Buys

Being a blogger, staying on top of what’s current and what’s trending basically comes with the territory. With social media being at the height of its popularity at the moment, most trends are born online – ‘It’ pieces are decided on Instagram feeds. One famous blogger starts wearing a certain piece and, suddenly, everyone is wearing it. And then the high street catches on and starts making dupes; and the general public starts to be a part of the trend.

Shooting two ‘It’ pieces in this look got me thinking about my other fave ‘It’ buys this season. As each season comes and goes, they all have new ‘It’ pieces – so here’s my countdown of ‘It’ buys for Summer 2017.






Dress: Zaful

Shoes: She In

Bag: Mango

Necktie: Bershka

Watch: The 5th

1. THAT Red Mango Bag

J.W. Anderson or Mango? That’s what I thought when I first spied this beauty on Instagram a few weeks ago.











Mini Pierce Bag, £975, J.W Anderson                                                                        Metal Appliqué Bag, £35.99, Mango

2. These Miu Miu Ballet Flat Dupes

Will be the first to admit that She In shoes aren’t the best quality and it’s always going to be a bit hit and miss with sizing (these are tinyyyy on me) but boy are they super cute.











Ballet Flats, £505, Miu Miu                                                                                                    Almond Toe Flats, £25, She In




3. That Topshop ‘Merci’ T-Shirt

Definitely the perfect Gucci dupe, in a not-too-obvious way.












T Shirt, £285, Gucci                                                                           Merci T Shirt, £15, Topshop





4. That Zara Blazer

Seen on a plethora of influencers including one of my favourites, Sinead Crowe, the Zara version is now sold out practically everywhere. But, fear not, there’s a load of alternatives, including this beauty from Bershka which is now ON SALE. Thank me later.


Blazer, £59.99, Zara                           Blazer,£19.99, Bershka

5. That ‘GG’ Gucci Belt, & its many dupes

There are so so so many dupes around for this belt (no wonder, seeing as the original costs £240 – pretty hefty pricetag for a belt), but this is one of my favourites (and my favourite price, too…).










Belt, £240, Gucci                                                                                         Belt, £16, Topshop


6. That straw Zara bag

Not actually a specific designer dupe (as far as I know), even though straw bags have been ALL over the catwalk and the high street recently, this quickly became a cult summer buy due to a few strategic blogger posts.


Straw Bag, £19.99, Zara



7. Those Gucci-dupe Ego Loafers

Honestly, there have been several times that customers have come into work and I’ve thought that they were wearing Gucci, only for them to say that their shoes were from Ego. That’s just how good the high street’s shoe game is right now!

dupe9         dupe10








Princetown Leather Slipper, £530, Gucci                                          Cheska Embroidered Mule, £14.99, Ego

Let me know if there are any ‘It’ buys you would add to the list!







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