When did you last check your Instagram feed? Your Facebook timeline? Your Snapchat stories? Anyone who loves to post on social media, hell, anyone in our generation, knows just how addictive social media can be, and how it can edge into the ‘real’ world. And the fine line between social media and…

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How to Compartmentalise Your Life

So many of us live a ridiculously busy life these days, having to juggle multiple responsibilities. For me personally, the past few months I have managed university work, my weekend job at Selfridges and maintained this blog, which has been no easy task. I used to find it very difficult to manage multiple responsibilities,…

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How To Shop Savvy

We all know how difficult it can be in the industry, as bloggers and fashion-lovers alike. With pressure to shoot outfits every week and stay on top with shiny new-ness, it’s crucial to learn to not spend way over your head. So, I thought I’d share some tips I’ve picked up over the years…

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