The “It” Jacket This Season

There’s no doubt an “it” material this season, and that’s shearling. Of course, this immediately translates to jackets, and I’m not missing out on the trend. I have a slight confession to make: I think I’m jacket-obsessed. I think I have about 30 or so in my flat alone. I love how they just complete a look, so of course, I couldn’t resist buying this lovely thing…

My favourite style of shearling jacket, or in this case faux shearling, is definitely this “aviator” style, which people currently seem to be obsessed with. I actually got this “It” jacket last year at Portobello Market for just £30. Anyone living in London will know that Portobello market is the destination for cheap, high quality jackets. I actually know someone who got a real shearling one there a few years ago for just £10! The jacket in the picture was actually originally from Topshop, so i would have probably had to pay like £80 for it originally.

Here’s my pick of my favourite shearling  “It” jackets currently on the high street…

That Zara Jacket

I’m literally seeing this jacket everrrrywhere.


Classic Faux Shearling jacket: Topshop


An innovative, colourful twist on the classic aviator jacket from…


Pink faux jacket: ASOS


Burgundy faux jacket: Dorothy Perkins


Hope you liked this edit – let me know what you think of this season’s “It” Jacket in the comments!



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