The Meaning of Happiness

Happiness is something we all aspire to. From inspirational Instagram quotes to self-help seminars to fitness classes for endorphins, the notion of being happy is all around us. I must have spent £1000s on clothes trying to fit in with the crowds around me, on dates trying to find “the One.” For so long, I relied on other people for my happiness. I really believed if I surrounded myself with the right people, found the right boyfriend, the perfect best friend, spent money on the right things, I’d find true happiness. Instead, my search drove me to sadness and loneliness. See, here’s the truth of it: the only person that can make you truly happy is yourself. The meaning of happiness is you.

These are the most important words I’ve ever heard and the words I continue to live by each day. These words have got me through the toughest and most stressful of times, from exams to break-ups. Yes, it’s great to surround yourself with wonderful people. But, it’s all meaningless if you are not truly content with yourself. The most important thing in this life is to figure out who you are. This is how you will find your hobbies, your passions. Your achievements from these will bring you more joy than anyone else ever will.

Somewhere around the time I realised this, I decided to start blogging. I write on issues I am really passionate about. And rather than writing in a diary, where it would be locked away,  I write about the issues I face in a public setting. So far the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelming, from simple positive comments to statements of support in my inbox. Even more so than the feedback I’ve received from others, navigating the world of fashion, writing about things I’m passionate about, gives me more enjoyment than I ever thought possible. When you find your passion, when you start to express yourself – that’s when you will feel truly happy.

In this state of mind, your life feels most fulfilled and completed because you have found your place in society, doing what you truly love. You don’t need anyone else – because your life already feels complete. That’s the meaning of happiness. And once you’ve achieved this, everything else will follow. People will be drawn to your confidence and happiness, adding to what is already a very fulfilled life.

One of the things that brings me greatest happiness is what I’ve accomplished since starting this blog (you can read more about them in my summary of 10 Things Blogging Has Given Me). A massive achievement for me is that I have recently had my first PR company reach out to me (Bright Light PR)! This was a hugely exciting step for my blog and my career. I was insanely excited to collaborate with them, representing Marco Tozzi, who very generously gifted me these gorgeous Valentino dupe heels.

While they don’t have their own shop here in the UK, you can shop Marco Tozzi from a variety of stores like Zalando and Debenhams.  I’ve included a direct link to the shoes I’m wearing below. They might not be the most comfortable shoes to walk around all day in (I managed most of the day but my feet were dyyyyying), but they’re the perfect party shoes. At a fraction of the price of Valentino, too – yep, I’ll take them.

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness

the meaning of happiness


Blazer: Bershka

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Heels: Marco Tozzi

Bag: Givenchy

Watch: Abbott Lyon

*** Photos are by the gorgeous Beth Sandland***

Let me know what you think of this post on the meaning of happiness in the comments – and whether you agree.



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  1. May 23, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    I absolutely agree with your post. Indeed happiness comes first within yourself. We are still very oriented material but money can’t buy love.

  2. May 29, 2017 / 3:20 pm

    I loved reading your post on where true happiness is found, and totally agree with you!

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