Winter is here: How to stay warm….

Having recently moved back up North from my flat in London once my uni term ended, I’m having a seriously hard time adjusting to the cold weather (for those people who say the temperature gap is a myth: you’re wrong. I’m freezing. Constantly.) One of my biggest fears in winter is that really, genuinely, warm clothes make you look less stylish. I picture huge, heavy cable knit jumpers and massive puffy coats making you look more frumpy than fabulous. So I thought I’d make a guide (partially for myself) about how to stay warm this winter, whilst still looking effortlessly stylish, using my favourite high street picks…

  1. Find a genuinely warm winter coat

This always has to be the first step, even if finding the perfect coat does seem to be a bigger mission than writing a 3,000 word essay. Here’s some of my favourite, snuggly picks…

2. The winter jumper

I absolutely love fluffy jumpers, which are some of the warmest, and this Missguided jumper dress is my favourite one I’ve seen this season. I love the look on the Missguided website as well, with over-the-knee grey boots – thought might need to add tights for the cold weather!

This boxy crop somehow looks very high end and classy, but with a cheap price tag of only £20!

This oatmeal jumper also presents the image of being high end due to the unique asymmetric cut at the bottom. An essential purchase at only £38, and the roll neck keeps you snuggly and warm.

3. Warm winter boots…

Over the knees are a classic nod to the 60s style that’s so in trend at the minute. The grey is a nice twist on the usual black, with the mid heel adding some height, but still being comfortable!

4. Warm accessories – the key to keeping warm but still looking fashionable!

From beanie hats to fur headbands and trapper hats, to stoles and capes, there’s something for everyone to stay warm this winter…

The cape may need a thick jumper underneath, but nonetheless still a classy way to keep warm this winter.

Hope these tips are helpful!


Nina x


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